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Most frequent questions and answers

The Enterprise Locksmith is a well-known and respected company, which is based in Toronto.

After their first opening, they have been known for years by all the neighborhood and the surrounding. for their professional attitude and their capabilities.

Over the years, they won over their customers’ respect because of their work ethics and attitude to the job. After many years of experience in the field, they have also gained a great amount of knowledge and capabilities, in order to provide for their customers, the best service ever, in the locksmith’s fields.

enterprise locksmith company

They also have been able to form in these years a well organized equip of professionals, who were trained on any sort of emergency and issue about security locks & safety.

hey still are eager to learn, updating constantly on the new techniques and inventions on the field, so that they can be ready for any kind of necessities for their clients.

Which safety system would be the best for my house?

There is no universal right option for a residential safety locking system since every house and every family could be different from one another and it could have different needs. Our experts will show you all the electronic safety systems that we could provide and they will
advise you on which one could be the most fitting option for you.

Can I install a deadbolt lock at home?

Deadbolt locks are some of the safest and most reliable kinds of locks on the market fields, especially if we consider only normal locks. Despite their looks, they are not ready to install. Deadbolt locks also require only a few characteristics( hole size, frame plate flitting). Therefore, we can help you easily install them, to have a safer home.

Where could I find some high-security locks for my business?

If you are looking for a high-security lock for your business or workplace, you can contact us, and we will provide you our list of highly technological options in this field. We can offer you many different solutions, such as the installation of deadbolt locks, especially in shopping centers, office locks, or warehouse industrial locks, from the creation of high-security keys and maintenance of your security system.

What do I do if someone breaks into my business?

If some burglars have broken into your business or your commercial working place, you should not fear. Take advantage of our emergency service, open at every hour of the day, and we will come to your rescue as soon as possible. We will try to find the best solution for you and advise on how to avoid in the future such awful situations, like installing some better security systems.

How could I change my car ignition?

Don’t be worried if your car ignition is breaking or simply it does not work anymore, since it could be a common problem. We will be able, thanks to our equip of professionals, to fix your car ignition system and, eventually, replace it with a new one. All of this will be done correctly, to not ruin or damage your vehicle.

Where can I reprogram my car keys?

You can reprogram your car keys thanks to our locksmith company. We  pride in our team a handful of professionals with great experience on the field, who have received the proper knowledge to work on laser cut keys and keys reprogramming. This process could be especially useful whenever you are locked out of your car or the keys do not work anymore.

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